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Puppy Pet Release

Your puppy is important to us! Because we care about your pup’s safety and well-being, we want to assure you that every effort will be made to make their first visit as pleasant as possible. We don’t want your puppy to fear grooming, something they will have to do many times throughout their life, so we need to introduce them slowly to the grooming process and all that it entails. 


Because this is your puppies first groom, we will not do a full haircut and will only perform a “Face, Feet, and Fanny” trim. This will get them cleaned up and introduce them to all of the elements of grooming without being as overwhelming and long as a full haircut. We do this because we care about your pet! 


When your puppy does eventually get its first haircut, please be aware that it can reveal coat color and texture changes as their adult coat grows in. Grooming is a process that they are still learning and if they can’t do everything just yet, we will not push them too hard. This can sometimes mean that even the second haircut is not fully complete or polished looking. 


A first puppy groom should be done when the dog is about 10-12 weeks old. The earlier you start with grooming, the easier it is for your puppy to adjust to. Older dogs do not adapt as well. We often recommend more frequent appointments at first introduction to get them adjusted.


Grooming is recommended every 4-6 weeks for adult dogs. 

I understand that my puppy will not be getting a full haircut today, but rather a "face, feet, and fanny" trim.

I understand that at my puppy's first haircut, it may not be completed, or polished to our standards 100%, due to the learning process of my puppy

Although we take every precaution necessary, puppies are wiggly. I hereby grant permission to Exclusive Pet Grooming to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for my pet at my expense.

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